Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interpreting Writer's Intension

These are the parts of reading comprehension. Miss Zu told us to focus on the writer’s perception. In the first sentence, the writer’s displays a neutral attitude towards the issue. The second sentence the writer’s used biased towards the issue. The writer’s attitude towards the issue can be shown through the tone. There are several examples of tone:
·         Bitter: sour
·         Comic: entertain
·         Compassionate: sympathy
·         Evasive: vague
·         Optimistic: think positive
·         Indignant: feeling angry
·         Incredulous: skeptical

Types of writer’s intention:
Ø     To persuade
Ø     To entertain
Ø     To inform
Ø     To entertain

This entire note can refer in the text book ‘stride ahead’ and turn to page 134 until 139.

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