Thursday, February 24, 2011


On the same day, Iffah, Syifa and Zira have presented a grammar part which is ‘adjective’.
·   An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words.
Adjective before noun:
·   Describe the noun.
·   Example: the careless boy lost his money.
·   Sometimes noun are use as adjective to describe the other nouns.
·   Example: he went to the university library.
·   Nouns used as adjective are not in the plural form.
Adjectives after be verb and a linking verb:
·         Be verb (am, is, was, were, been, being)
·         Linking verb (smell, feel, taste, look, etc)
Mother Teresa was kind
Kind describes the noun Mother Teresa
The cakes are delicious
Delicious describes the noun cakes
Adjective pairs:
·         Adjectives ending –ing often describe a situation.
·         Adjectives ending –ed often describe how a person feels.
·         Example: Malaysian Fest attracted many tourists. The events      were exciting.
Comparative form of adjective:
·         Used when one noun is compared to another noun.
·         Do not use –er and more together.
·         Example: Sue is older than Kathy.
Superlative form of adjective:
·         Used to compare three or more nouns.
·         Example: Aishwarya is the most beautiful movie star.
·         When use superlative or comparative, they must be placed in front of other adjective in a noun group.
·         Example: some of better UiTM students have gone to pursue their studies overseas.
Then, Miss Zu ordered us to create a poem about friend according the alphabet of name using adjective words. So, I decided to choose Siti Hazirah to write a poem. But unfortunately, I don't know where I put her poem. Arghhh. Miss Zu, I'm really sorry because of my carelessness. But, I have sent a poem about my friend  to you.   


Verb is one of the parts of speech. The presenter which is Amalina, Alissa and Fadzilah has presented a verb. What is verb?
v Shows action or state of being.
v One of the important things is about their relationship to time.
v Can be divided into two category which is:
                                 i.            Action
Regular: end in ‘ed’ when the past tense and past participle forms are used.

Irregular: end in other ways when the past tense and past participle forms are used.

v Differentiation between transitive and intransitive
Required an object in the sentences, and object comes after the verb
Does not required an object
Adam often buys present for his family.
The beautiful actress smiled

                               ii.            Non-action verb
Be verb
Linking verb
Ø Usually comes immediately after the subject in statements.
Ø Am, is, are, was being 
Ø Use to link the subject of sentences with more about information about the subject.
Ø Can be divided into three of expression:
(i)feeling and thought
(iii)sensory perception

v Auxiliary verb
·        Support and give meaning to the main verb
To express ability – can, could
Puan Maimunah can cook curry chicken carry as well.
To express possibility – may, might
The price of cooking oil may increase next month.
To express permission – may, can
We can conduct the aerobic class at the multipurpose hall.
To express advice – should, ought to, had better
You have been coughing all week. You had better consult a doctor.
To express necessity – must, have to
Don’t be workaholic. You have to spend some time with your family.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facts and Opinions

On night, our class has combined with JAC1102A. This is replacement class. The topic Miss Zu wants to discuss is ‘Fact and Opinion’.
1)    What is fact?
·         Objective information that can be proved to be true.
·         Not a statement about the future.
·         The clues to determine:

Use of dates and year
Walt Disney was born on 5th December 1901 and died on 15th December 1966
Use of statistics/ figures/ precise numbers or quantities
Since Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1953, more than 1600 climbers from 20 countries have also conquered the 8848 metre mountain  
Use of definitions
Adolescence can be defined as the stage in a person’s life when one develops from a child into an adult
Stating a geographical or scientific fact
Water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one parts oxygen

2)   What is opinion?
·         One’s personal belief, idea, or feeling about a subject.
·         Can be a statement about future.
·         The clues to identify:

Use of adjectives to show point of view
The climb up Gunung Ledang was exciting
Use of comparison words
Siti Nurhaliza is the most talented singer in Malaysia
Use of another words to show frequency, possibility, advisability
Sheela is probably still angry with her boyfriend for not remembering her birthday
Us of phrases to show a belief, suggestion, feeling or opinion
In my opinion, heavy metal music is not music but a lot of noise that gets on many people’s nerves

As usually, after Miss Zu has discussed about this topic, she has give a task to us. The task is to promote our product using facts and opinion. The representative of each group must in front of class to take the stuff. My group has taken skin care product which is ‘Ultra Violet Skin Solution’. We must create 5 sentences consists of this topic. On that night, all the groups shrieked to answer the questions. Finally, my group got the highest mark of going this activity.
My reflection is we must think creatively and innovatively to attract the customers to buy our product. In addition, the product that we sold must be trusted by customer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today, our activity is listening. Test listening is around the corner. We do this activity before the test begins. How we can to be a good listener?  Here are the tips to help you to score listening test:
1.       Listening for main ideas
Ø  Means that we must find out the general idea or the gist of a listening.
Ø  Determines the main idea to listen for key words.
2.       Listening for specific information
Ø  Requires listening for specific details related to certain situations.
Ø  It does require focus on the part that is important to obtain the relevant details and to disregard irrelevant ones.

We can refer in the text book page 4-6. These are the guidelines before we do a real test. After that, we need to be in the group. Each group must consist of five members. One group must send a representative to guess a something in the front. The others are giving specific information to help their friend to guess. All the groups can guess it in a short time. Our class ends early because we are allowed to go to vote Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Pelajar (JPP).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adverb and Preposition

Today is my group and Joe group's to present. My group members which is Afiqah and Salbiah were present about adverb. Adverb which is adding information. There are kinds of adverbs:

  • Adverb of manner
          Tell us the manner or way in which something happens. 
          Example: He speaks slowly.
  • Adverb of place
          Where something happen
          Example: Two cars were parked outside
  • Adverb of time
          The time that something happen
           Example: We sometimes watch a movies
  • Adverb of degree
          Tell us the degree or extent to which something happen
          Example: She entirely agrees with him

Then, group member for preposition which is Dalila, Joe and Marini present about preposition.
Preposition links noun, pronoun and phrases to other words in a sentences. Besides, it usually indicates the logical relationship of its object to the rest of sentences. For example, under, below, beneath, for, inside and others.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

English Play( P. Ramlee movies)

During semester breaks a lots of television programs such as P. Ramlee films aired on television. Thus, Miss Zu has given a task to be in a group to perform a scene taken from any of P.Ramlee movies. My group have decided to take a scene from 'pendekar bujang lapok'. This is because the script and scene is simple to act. I think all of the group perform well in acting. In my opinion, everyone are enjoyed to do this activity. For me, this activity will build teamwork. As we can see, all the group members give a great corporation to produce a good quality in performances.
     Besides that, it's build feeling happy among them. This is importance to be happy everyday even we are in depressed. Actually, on night, we have a test. So, we have to do well for that test. Lastly, the happiness can make me feel peace in all the times.