Thursday, February 24, 2011


On the same day, Iffah, Syifa and Zira have presented a grammar part which is ‘adjective’.
·   An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words.
Adjective before noun:
·   Describe the noun.
·   Example: the careless boy lost his money.
·   Sometimes noun are use as adjective to describe the other nouns.
·   Example: he went to the university library.
·   Nouns used as adjective are not in the plural form.
Adjectives after be verb and a linking verb:
·         Be verb (am, is, was, were, been, being)
·         Linking verb (smell, feel, taste, look, etc)
Mother Teresa was kind
Kind describes the noun Mother Teresa
The cakes are delicious
Delicious describes the noun cakes
Adjective pairs:
·         Adjectives ending –ing often describe a situation.
·         Adjectives ending –ed often describe how a person feels.
·         Example: Malaysian Fest attracted many tourists. The events      were exciting.
Comparative form of adjective:
·         Used when one noun is compared to another noun.
·         Do not use –er and more together.
·         Example: Sue is older than Kathy.
Superlative form of adjective:
·         Used to compare three or more nouns.
·         Example: Aishwarya is the most beautiful movie star.
·         When use superlative or comparative, they must be placed in front of other adjective in a noun group.
·         Example: some of better UiTM students have gone to pursue their studies overseas.
Then, Miss Zu ordered us to create a poem about friend according the alphabet of name using adjective words. So, I decided to choose Siti Hazirah to write a poem. But unfortunately, I don't know where I put her poem. Arghhh. Miss Zu, I'm really sorry because of my carelessness. But, I have sent a poem about my friend  to you.   

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