Thursday, March 31, 2011

Subject Verb Agreement

Today is the turn maizatul, rasyidah, hazirah and dian group to present part of the grammar.
·         Means that a singular subject must have a singular verb.
·         Identifying subject and verb.
His mother leads a healthy lifestyle
His mother-singular
Leads- singular
The children were waiting
The children-plural

·         Singular subject- singular verb rule.
Indefinite pronoun
Each culture is distinct.
Use of neither of and either of
Neither of the girls believes in Halloween.
Either of the students has travelled extensively.

·         Plural subject – plural verb rule.
Nouns joined by ‘and’
Arts and culture are two different fields.
Nouns preceded by ‘a number of’
A number of students consider visiting the museum a treat.

·         Other subject-verb agreement rules.
Nouns which refer to a group
The committees have agreed to use a culturally-suitable theme for the festival.
Nouns preceded by ‘none of the’
None of the fish is edible. They have all gone bad.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Effective of Writing Part

There are three parts that Miss Zu would explain about writing an excellent an essay. That time I did not attend classes due to headaches. However, I tried to ask a friend to find out learning at that time. I heard Miss Zu has covered three parts of effective writing that is active and passive voice, body paragraph and conclusion.
Active and passive voice
1)    Active voice
·         Indicates that the subject of the verb is acting
·         Example: The dog (subject) is doing the jumping (verb).
·         Most writers prefer to use active voice because it is more direct.
·         Less awkward and clearly states the relationship between subject and action.
·         The sentence pattern propels the reader forward through the writing and thus avoiding weak prose.
2)   Passive voice
·         The subject and object flip-flop. The subject comes first.
·         Example: Report (subject) will be given (verb).
·         Less direct , less forceful and less concise than the active voice. 
·         The uses of passive voice:
When the agent (doer of an action) is obvious, unknown and unnecessary)
Her purse was stolen.
When the agent is known, but the speaker does not want to mention it.
She was given bad advice.
When the agent is general
The door should be locked at all times.
When the speaker wants to emphasize a result
Seven people were killed by earthquake.

Body paragraph
·         The body paragraphs in essay support the main idea in thesis statement by breaking it down into smaller ideas or subtopics.
·         The idea in paragraphs should relate back to the thesis statement.
·         Key features:
Topic sentence       supporting sentence        concluding        unity
·         Example:

Body paragraph
An important factor in learning a foreign language has to do with the concept of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation. When we do something for the ‘fun of it’ or because we enjoy it, that is called intrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is when we do something for the purpose of receiving some kind of external reward such as money, time off from work, etc. Many education experts believe that intrinsic motivation is more powerful when it comes to helping students retain what they’ve learned. The question and challenge for teachers today is, “how can we help our students become intrinsically motivated in what we are teaching?”     

·       Conclusion
·        Completes the essay and reemphasizes the main ideas.
·        To show reader the significance of thesis statement, try to address question.
·        There are some ways to enhance a conclusion:
P        Prediction, recommendation, quotation
·        Example:
Finally, the importance of beginning a program to re forest parts of Haiti will be an important step in making this country more economically self-sufficient. Without such a program in place, the people of this country will continue to destroy their natural resources for fuel in order to salvage their present state of survival.

As we have seen, international students face a number of difficulties when coming to a new country to study. However, problems such as culture-shock and the language barrier can be lessened before a student comes to the new country through preparation. If you are considering going to school in another country, you should begin learning about the culture, customs, and history of your host nation. Also, you should be sure that you are proficient in the national language or be sure to sign up for language classes once you are there.

David Warner, author of, Where There Is No Doctor, notes that, “Only when the people themselves become actively responsible for their own and their community’s health, can important changes take place.” This should be the mantra of every public health agency when looking at making improvements in common health problems. Unless a community understands the importance of the intervention and takes responsibility for transformation, no long-lasting changes will be made.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Speaking Test

Today I have to wake up early in the morning because we have speaking test. My group turns at 8.30 am. Miss Zu had already warning to us to come 10 minutes before the test will be started. So, my group which is afiqah, salbiah and alissa come on right time. If we are late, maybe Miss Zu will scold us. Hehe. The topic we got for discussing is deforestation. In individual, I have to talk the point that is had been given. I think I want to relate all the points but it will be wasting time because we are given 2 minutes to talk. In group discussion, we can take any opinion and add some information. In that time we can argue or support the others opinion. After 20 minutes, we have complete speaking test. Thanks to all members group for giving cooperation.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rehearsal of Speaking Test

The real speaking test will be held on Thursday. So, our job is to form a group to do speaking. Miss Zu has explained in detail on how to score mark in speaking. She gives a note to guide us to use the phrases to speak properly. There are two set that is set A and set B. Set A is for individual. Each of the member group must give an utter within 2 minutes. Meanwhile, set B is for group discussion. Anyone can gives a speech and interrupt the others opinion. Thus, khalis’s group is the sample to show how the speaking test will be held. From that moment, I learned many things. That’s different when I perform group discussion in BEL 120. The difference is there are two sets in BEL 260 compared to BEL 120. I hope my group members and me can perform it successfully.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today, we have to make two test which is listening and writing. For one hour, we are doing listening practice due to test listening is just the corner. As usual, if I made it for the first time, my mark is not extremely highest but I’m proud it because I’m trying to familiar with it.

After an hour, we have to form in group because to do writing test by group. On that time, we do the non-linear text to linear text. Each group member is given 5 minutes to write a paragraph. All the students are messy to complete the essay in a short time. Miss Zu told the class to take the result of the essay at 5.00 pm in her room. Alhamdulillah, our group accomplishes an enormous job. Our group got the highest mark. Praised to Allah.

On night, Miss Zu told group A and group B to attend early to do mid term test. All the students make an effort to do well for that test. After I have study for mid term, now what I have to do is apply it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today, our lessons is present the non-linear in front of the class. The topic is ‘How the Students Spend Their Time after Classes’. How to make a great writing?
·         Firstly, the title must be included to introduce what we want to write, so that the reader knows it.
·         For the first paragraph, there ought to put overview.
·         For the second until fourth paragraph is controlling idea and assumption.
·        The last paragraph must have prediction and proposal.
·        The words must be 150 to 200.
Here is the mock-up of non-linear text to linear text:
How students spend their time after classes
The pie chart shows the percentages of how students spend their time after classes consisting of outdoor activities, going for movies, studying, socializing and indoor activities.
According to the pie chart, the highest percentage of how students spend their time after classes is 35% which is indoor activities while the lowest percentage is 10% that is outdoor activities. This is due to the less energy consume while doing the indoor activities compared to the outdoor activities.
Socializing is the second popular activities among students. It shows that 25% of students tend to spend their time by chatting online like facebooking. They find socializing activities are fun and interesting.
Based on the pie chart, there is a difference percentage between studying and going for movies which is 10%. It shows that 20% of the students choose studying while 10% of the students choose going for movies. This is because studying does not need high cost compared to watch movies.
In future, if most students choose indoor activities, then it will lead to unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, the government should make campaigns to encourage the students to balance their activities.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Practice makes Perfect

Today, our learning is doing reading comprehension and writing test. This is practice actually to be familiar with the real question e during the mid term. Besides, the mid term is around the corner. So, we have to make some efforts to get a premier mark as possible.  Unfortunately, I’m just got moderate marks but its okay. Actually, it’s encouraging me to do well during mid term.  Insyallah. Amin…

Non-Linear Text to Linear Text

 The learning today is about non -linear text to linear text. Continuing back what we have              learned last Thursday. Miss Zu stated that the note she has explained is actually for MUET but its okay because the note she has given is very useful for taking MUET examination to continue studying in bachelor. I will keep it. This is summarizing about this topic:

  •   The ability to interpret non linear information such as tables, graphs, charts, and      diagrams that complement the linear text.
  •  Having the ability to interpret non visual texts is crucial for the critical reader because by doing so, the reader is able to interpret and comprehend messages better.
  • Types of non linear texts
    Graphs/ charts
    Shows a relationship between two or more sets of measurements.
    Line graphs
    Used to show trends
    Bar graphs
    Used to show comparisons between variables.
    Pie charts
    Visual representations of information on parts or segments as a proportion, percentage or fraction of the whole.
    Understanding of complicated facts and figures.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Presentation of Introductory Paragraph

 Today, all the groups must present their introductory paragraph. For me, all the groups doing a great job instead there are many mistakes. It’s okay because we can learn from mistakes. My group which is Nabila, Amirah, Edlina and me has presented one of the types of hook which is ‘current event’. After we have survey on the internet, we choose ‘Baby Dumping’ to write an essay. As a result, this is our introductory paragraph and the other from class A as well as doing the same thing:

According to New Straits Times, the latest case was a dead baby girl found floating in a sewage tank behind a girls' college hostel in remote Kelantan two days ago. The decomposed body was found by a group of boys playing nearby. Two more abandoned baby cases were reported that day in Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. This situation can be caused by many factors which surround us. Thus, baby dumping is caused by negative social relationship, peer pressure, modern technology and lack of knowledge in individual self.

In 2007, the Star newspaper reported that an IPTS student in Segamat has dumped a baby in a plastic bag into a big drain. The baby which his umbilical cord is still intact was found by a good Samaritan. Two years later, Malaysia was shocked again by the same news: A fisherman had accidently fished a black plastic bag which he taught it was an ordinary plastic bag that had been littered by the irresponsible persons. He then opened the plastic bag out of curiosity and then was horrified for what he saw. A decayed baby!. This news proved that the statistics of social problems are increasing up until now. Thus, to ace these social problems, one should have a strong moral value, parents should play their roles effectively and one should use media wisely.

Then, Miss Zu summarize about non- linear text to linear text. Some of us understand and not about that. She will explain more about it on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making inferences and Prediction

On night class, Miss Zu was teaches about making inferences and prediction.

Making inferences:
·         Is a logical conclusion based on what has been stated in the text.
·      Information which is provided must be analysed in order to understand what is not directly stated or hidden between the lines.
·        Use experience, knowledge, common sense and power of reasoning to draw logical conclusion.

Making prediction
Ø  Can enhance to understand of the text by anticipating what will happen next.
Ø  Using what you know about the plot, setting, characters, issues, to figure out possible outcomes.
As customary, Miss Zu gives order to form a group to do some activity. This activity required full of concentration because she will show the clip video and we must think about inferences and prediction. Finally, our group won for that activity. Alhamdulillah…

Introductory Paragraph

Today’s class is about writing part which is introductory paragraph. After Miss Zu teaches about this topic, now I know there are lots of introductory parts.  She told the whole class to write a variety on introductory paragraph. This is because:
Ø      To get the reader’s attention.
Ø      To set tone for the rest of the essay.
Ø      To make a contrast with the reader- what will be covered in this piece.

Here are the important parts to write an excellent introduction of paragraph:
§      The Hook: designed to grab attention immediately and give some indication about the          essay’s topic.
§         The transition: moves the reader from the hook to the driving force of the essay.
§   The thesis: makes the contrast with the reader what will be discussed without a blatant announcement.

In what order do I write the introductory paragraph:
·         Write the thesis statement
·         Generate a hook that will grab the reader’s attention
·         Finally, transition to the thesis and recopy the thesis statement as the last sentence in the paragraph.

Types of hook:
  Personal examples: expressing thoughts and feelings of the experience what has been              through.
v      Quotations: the content should dramatic, emotionally appealing, surprising and humorous. This is related like our principle but must be relevant what we are writing.
v        Facts or statistics: must be from a credible resource.
v       Rhetorical questions: usually ask question to the reader.
v       Current events: must be current issues and recent.
v      Contrast to the thesis statement: direct contrast and proves an expert wrong.
v      Definition: gives a meaning.

After Miss Zu has explained about this syllabus in details, she gives a task to form a group to write an introductory paragraph based on the types of hook. She gives an optional to choose a current issue and present on Thursday. My group which is Nabila, Mirah, Edlina got current events.