Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Non-Linear Text to Linear Text

 The learning today is about non -linear text to linear text. Continuing back what we have              learned last Thursday. Miss Zu stated that the note she has explained is actually for MUET but its okay because the note she has given is very useful for taking MUET examination to continue studying in bachelor. I will keep it. This is summarizing about this topic:

  •   The ability to interpret non linear information such as tables, graphs, charts, and      diagrams that complement the linear text.
  •  Having the ability to interpret non visual texts is crucial for the critical reader because by doing so, the reader is able to interpret and comprehend messages better.
  • Types of non linear texts
    Graphs/ charts
    Shows a relationship between two or more sets of measurements.
    Line graphs
    Used to show trends
    Bar graphs
    Used to show comparisons between variables.
    Pie charts
    Visual representations of information on parts or segments as a proportion, percentage or fraction of the whole.
    Understanding of complicated facts and figures.


  1. Thank you... it's for my students in MNVTHS.

  2. How about for the linear texts? Thank you in advance!