Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today, our lessons is present the non-linear in front of the class. The topic is ‘How the Students Spend Their Time after Classes’. How to make a great writing?
·         Firstly, the title must be included to introduce what we want to write, so that the reader knows it.
·         For the first paragraph, there ought to put overview.
·         For the second until fourth paragraph is controlling idea and assumption.
·        The last paragraph must have prediction and proposal.
·        The words must be 150 to 200.
Here is the mock-up of non-linear text to linear text:
How students spend their time after classes
The pie chart shows the percentages of how students spend their time after classes consisting of outdoor activities, going for movies, studying, socializing and indoor activities.
According to the pie chart, the highest percentage of how students spend their time after classes is 35% which is indoor activities while the lowest percentage is 10% that is outdoor activities. This is due to the less energy consume while doing the indoor activities compared to the outdoor activities.
Socializing is the second popular activities among students. It shows that 25% of students tend to spend their time by chatting online like facebooking. They find socializing activities are fun and interesting.
Based on the pie chart, there is a difference percentage between studying and going for movies which is 10%. It shows that 20% of the students choose studying while 10% of the students choose going for movies. This is because studying does not need high cost compared to watch movies.
In future, if most students choose indoor activities, then it will lead to unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, the government should make campaigns to encourage the students to balance their activities.

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