Thursday, March 24, 2011

Speaking Test

Today I have to wake up early in the morning because we have speaking test. My group turns at 8.30 am. Miss Zu had already warning to us to come 10 minutes before the test will be started. So, my group which is afiqah, salbiah and alissa come on right time. If we are late, maybe Miss Zu will scold us. Hehe. The topic we got for discussing is deforestation. In individual, I have to talk the point that is had been given. I think I want to relate all the points but it will be wasting time because we are given 2 minutes to talk. In group discussion, we can take any opinion and add some information. In that time we can argue or support the others opinion. After 20 minutes, we have complete speaking test. Thanks to all members group for giving cooperation.


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