Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today, we have to make two test which is listening and writing. For one hour, we are doing listening practice due to test listening is just the corner. As usual, if I made it for the first time, my mark is not extremely highest but I’m proud it because I’m trying to familiar with it.

After an hour, we have to form in group because to do writing test by group. On that time, we do the non-linear text to linear text. Each group member is given 5 minutes to write a paragraph. All the students are messy to complete the essay in a short time. Miss Zu told the class to take the result of the essay at 5.00 pm in her room. Alhamdulillah, our group accomplishes an enormous job. Our group got the highest mark. Praised to Allah.

On night, Miss Zu told group A and group B to attend early to do mid term test. All the students make an effort to do well for that test. After I have study for mid term, now what I have to do is apply it.

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