Tuesday, February 8, 2011

English Play( P. Ramlee movies)

During semester breaks a lots of television programs such as P. Ramlee films aired on television. Thus, Miss Zu has given a task to be in a group to perform a scene taken from any of P.Ramlee movies. My group have decided to take a scene from 'pendekar bujang lapok'. This is because the script and scene is simple to act. I think all of the group perform well in acting. In my opinion, everyone are enjoyed to do this activity. For me, this activity will build teamwork. As we can see, all the group members give a great corporation to produce a good quality in performances.
     Besides that, it's build feeling happy among them. This is importance to be happy everyday even we are in depressed. Actually, on night, we have a test. So, we have to do well for that test. Lastly, the happiness can make me feel peace in all the times.

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