Thursday, January 27, 2011

Writing an essay

On beautiful morning, Miss Zu has teaches us about the writing process. Before we start to write an essay, there must be a draft in order to complete an essay excellently. These following are process of writing:

  • Pre-waiting
          At this stage, there are also have the technique to produce a relevant essay which is brainstorming,
          mind-mapping, free-writing and quick writing. Therefore, the students must practiseuse this technique 
          that they get one's teeth. 
  • Planning and Organizing
          From this part, the students must be able to create introduction and give topic sentences. Moreover,
          they must put support details to explain about the main point.
  • Drafting
          Next, the students should expand of their points so that the readers know what the points we want to 
          say. In fact, they must to give examples to support our points.
  • Revising and Editing
          At this time, check the spelling and grammar and also arrange the content and organization
  • Final Draft
          Based on information available, the students must organize the content of an essay starting introduction,
          body part and lastly conclusion.

Developing a Thesis Statement
Is a sentence that shows the controlling idea of a piece of writing and it should in very specific. All the students      are divided into several group to write the thesis statement on textbook page 29.


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