Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skimming, Scanning and Contextual clues

On night, our lesson is skimming and scanning. What is skimming and scanning? Skimming refers to the process of quickly identifying the main idea within a passage. It;s done at a speed three or four times faster than normal reading. Scanning is a reading skill used to find specific information quickly. When scanning for information, we only took for the key words and have a question in mind. After a while, Miss Zu teaches us contextual clues. Briefly, it's help the readers to understand of the new word. There are four types of contextual clues:

  1. Examples
  2. Synonyms and Definitions
  3. Antonyms and  contrasts
  4. Experience or sense of the sentence
Then, we need to be in a group of four. We were given to complete the task about contextual clues. 

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