Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice Breaking Session 2

There are 4 other groups who have not presenting their partner which is marini and dalila, hazirah and maizatul, dian and rasyidah and alisa and fadzilah. Apart from that, we can know our friend deeply. I feel delight to see how their expressing feeling about their partner. After that, Miss Zu explain the summary of grammar that we have learned last semester. Many of us has forgotten about grammar but after Miss Zu teaches back, everyone can recall it. Before we go to lunch, Miss Zu gave the second assignment which is grouping assignment. Every group must have three group member and the group leader will take the topic and turn. My group members is Afiqah, Salbiah and me. Our topic is 'adverb' and we are the fourth turn to present about it. 

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