Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Day of BEL 260

Today, Nabila, Amirah, Edlina and I have explained about future tense.
Using 'will'
*to express willingness to do something
*subject + will + verb in the base form
*example: David will sing in the car

§   Using ‘be going’
*for a confirmed plan
*subject + be going to + verb in the base form
*example: I am going to travel overseas

 Then, Miss Zu return back our mid term test and listening test. She is satisfied with our paper. I’m also glad with my result.  Thanks to her because teaches our class even though many things has happened only to educate us. Actually, I’m very happy with Miss Zu because she knows the best method of educating with activities that everyone understands what is being taught. I will miss that moment. I will keep this memorize forever and ever. Hopefully, we will see again.


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